Strong, brave and positive 

I’m writing this from hospital where I’ve ended up due to some issues with my throat. I’m tentatively of the view that I’m on the mend due to some very good medication. 

It has been a pretty awful week. My throat has meant I’ve been unable to properly eat or drink since Sunday which has greatly impacted my ability to cope with things. 

My lovely friend Libby Alford died on Tuesday from bowel cancer. Libby was my friend in a most ‘modern’ sense. We met on Instagram via a bowel cancer hashtag in September 2015. And since then we had exchanged almost daily messages. So despite never meeting in person,Libby was very present in both David and my worlds. 

Libby did not have a lot of luck with treatment. Nothing went her way. And yet she was nothing less than generous and supportive in her care for me. Libby was a beautiful mother and wife and I am so angry that her family have been robbed of her presence. 

I have very mixed feelings about the words ‘rest in peace’ when it applies to a young person. I’m glad Libby is not in pain anymore but I wish she was here living vibrantly instead. 

Libby had a couple of mottos my most favourite of which was strong, brave and positive. I’m adopting it as my own. 

2 thoughts on “Strong, brave and positive 

  1. I’m having mental health issues currently so I’m adopting strong, brave and positive too! With love and prayers for you x.


  2. I’ve just read through all of your blog, how amazing is your way with words, eloquent, funny and heartbreakingly amazing. I wish you all of the best things a person could wish for another.. and will mention you when I am alone at night…talking to God about all the crap I cannot understand. I’ve read When breath becomes air…it’s a read that is for sure…. I love one of the quotes he shares…familiar to all of us at some point ” I can’t go on, I’ll go on.”~Samuel Beckett. May you go on and on.

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