My lovely friend Priscilla died of bowel cancer yesterday. Her husband sent me the most gracious and generous message today to let me know. 

Priscilla and I first connected on Instagram. We were both youngish women with stage IV bowel cancer, both parenting small children and being treated at Peter Mac. One chemo session, in the very early days of my treatment, she appeared at my recliner. “Hello! I’m Prickles Fletcher”.  And from that point on Priscilla became one of my very important cancer peeps. 

Priscilla had courage and grace. She was stoic and calm and not a complainer. Priscilla was sensible in the very best meaning of the word. Whenever I had bad news she would have the right thing to say. Never cloying, or over-emotive but helpful and kind. Because of her I wasn’t too bothered by having to have an ileostomy, nor was I frightened about having it reversed.

Priscilla endured terrible pain. I’m so very sad for her and for her family. I’m glad she is not in pain now but I am furious that she is gone. For this cancer, you are not forgiven.

I hope she is somewhere beautiful where things make more sense. 

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