My Best advice – an introduction

I’m now a few years into this cancer business and unnervingly people are starting to ask my advice for staying alive…I can remember when I was first diagnosed, desperately searching out people who were confounding a diagnosis and trying to work out their secrets.

Somehow, despite the odds, it is me that is still here with people asking me how I have managed to stay alive. In many ways this is not a question I can answer. My survival to date has been mostly luck. It actually feels like tempting fate to even try to answer the question- the cancer equivalent to being a smug married giving dating advice.

However I am still here three and a half years on and am in reasonable physical and mental health. For what it is worth I am happy to share what I have learned about managing an incurable diagnosis. Some of this will be technical along the lines of choosing a hospital etc. But I think more importantly I can offer some thoughts on living well with an incurable diagnosis. I’ll do this in a short series of posts.

The title of this series – My Best Advice- stems from my time as a public servant. I am a strong believer in giving my bosses my best advice, as this is what I always wanted from my own team. It wasn’t until a boss sat me down and told me that not everyone wants to hear this if it involves them being wrong. Nevertheless it remains a key principle for me – probably for good and ill.

Issues I’m planning to cover include:

  • What to do when you are first diagnosed
  • How to choose a treatment centre and a medical team
  • Harnessing your people
  • Talking with children about being sick
  • Staying mentally tough
  • Coping with looking like rats**t

Let me know if there are other things you’d like covered.

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