World Cancer Day

Yesterday was World Cancer Day.

Today I took my little girl to her first day of Reception.

That I was here to do this is testament to the decades of work by researchers to develop treatments for metastatic disease.

In cancer land it’s very easy to think in black and white terms – curable or incurable, cured or still sick, terminal or not. Like most things Cancer isn’t black or white. I’m living with an incurable, chronic disease. I’m not cured nor am I particularly focusing on being so. Instead I’m focusing on time. Each new drug or treatment offers time. Time is all any of us have. It can be disheartening to read that a new drug might only buy a few months of stability. But add each lot of few months to the next and you are looking at lots of time. And with time comes more treatments. And so more time.

If you feel so inclined I’d encourage you to Mark this day by donating to cancer research. My personal favourites are:

Peter MacCallum Foundation https://foundation.petermac.org

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute https://www.wehi.edu.au/donate/online-donation

GI Cancer Institute https://gicancer.org.au/donate/single-gift/

With thanks x

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